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Computer Lessons & Tuition

Lessons from basic user through to advanced

Email - Surf the web - Online Shopping - Skype - Facebook

Trained by Microsoft to the highest of standards in computer and laptop repairs and maintenance.

Don't be fooled not all so called computer repair people are FULLY TRAINED ENGINEERS.

Because we are trained by Microsoft to the highest standards you can be certain your computer or laptop is in good hands.

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Serta Computer Lessons.

English speaking computer engineer.

Hi I am a British Expat living in Serta Portugal.

I am a fully qualified Microsoft Engineer and offer computer lessons through out the Castelo Branco region.

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Yes not only am I the greatest ever computer engineer I also give computer lessons here in Portugal Serta.

You’re never too old to learn something new.

No matter what level of computer knowledge you have I can help you.

I run courses on how to set up Email accounts, write an email, send and email and how to retrieve your emails.

Learn how to set up and use accounts such as Ebay or Facebook

Learn about how to stay safe while surfing the Internet.

Learn how to use Microsoft products such as word for writing letters or Excel spread sheets.

You will feel more comfortable using your P.C. Laptop, IPad or whatever device you use.

I have been in this industry now for over 15 years and understand the speed that the computer world changes can mean a lot of people fall behind through no fault of their own.

Using a computer, laptop or IPad is not daunting and scary once you have the basic fundamental understanding that it is just a tool that you are in charge of.

So if you are a complete computer illiterate, need a bit of help or are just wanting to learn a bit more about your computer, the internet, Ebay, Facebook or what ever please contact me.

Tech Savvy Seniors Rule

Seniors in this new digital world can be easily daunted by all the new technology we have nowadays. We are surrounded by masses of digital devices, from smart phones, social media, tablets, banking machines, or laptops. There’s absolutely no getting away from them,

so we should all learn how to use all these technological advances to make our life easier. It’s easy to become tech savvy seniors when you begin to learn more about the technology around you. Remember you are the master they are just machines.

( Yeah but we have all seen Terminator )