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Mobile Computer & Laptop Repairs Middlesbrough.

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Computer Repairs.

Based in Great Ayton means we are well positioned to offer a home call out computer & laptop repairs service for Stokesley, Marton, Nunthorpe, Coulby Newham and Middlesbrough. Broadband and Email problem repairs.

We carry out extensive system diagnostics. Replacement parts recommended and fitted if required.

Fresh Install of windows

Having your computer restored to the original factory sometimes is the best thing to do its like having a new computer.

We can Backup of all your data (if required) including drivers, Full format of the Hard disk and reload of the operating system ( WINDOWS ). Once the operating system is restored we will then restore your personal data.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Sometimes rather than spending money buying a new computer all your computer needs is an upgrade of some of the hardware.

By just adding some new ram or a new SSD Hard drive your computer can benefit from faster start-up, better data transfer rates and better performance all round.

Games play Better, watching movies or even video editing can all benefit from a RAM and Graphics card upgrade. Most components we can install onsite but sometimes we may need to return the computer back to base for more Specialist upgrades.

Internet & Home Networking

Ayton Computers can set up your Broadband router and configure all your setting to access your Internet and get you on-line.

We can set the security to encrypt your home wireless router so your Internet and network wont get hacked and to prevent unauthorised us of your Internet broadband connection.

PC Setup & Install

Ayton Computers can come and set up of any new or existing computers, laptops, printers etc. we can install any new or existing software.

Virus Removal & Protect

In most cases Ayton Computers can remove Viruses, Malware and spy-ware that have infected your system, and get your computer up and running again.

Data Backup & Transfer

We can save your data files including photos and transfer them to your new computer or laptop. Your data should be backed up to an external device such as External hard drive, USB stick or even DVD discs.

Secure Data Clean

Ayton Computers can make a clean wipe of your hard drive to permanently remove your files and data. Ideal for protecting your identity and privacy or when you are going to give your computer or laptop to someone else or disposing of it completely.

Fully Qualified Microsoft Computer Engineer

Offering a home call out service for computer, laptop & broadband repairs Stokesley, Great Ayton and Middlesbrough.

Having trained and passed all Microsoft Computer Engineer Exams means Ayton Computers can repair just just about any laptop and Computer. Offering quick repairs on most common computer problems.

All Repairs to your computer are carried out efficiently and quickly most time in your home with our home call out service.

We will run a full system diagnostic and recommend any replacement parts if needed.

Computer, Laptop and broadband repair service Middlesbrough Stokesley, Great Ayton. Marton, Nunthorpe.

Computer & Laptop Repair Middlesbrough, Stokesley,

Computer & Laptop Repair home fix call out service covers Middlesbrough, & North Yorkshire area inc, Stokesley, Coulby Newham, Stockton, Ingleby Barwick, Thornaby, Redcar, Guisborough, Hemlington, Marton, Nunthorpe,