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Internet & Broadband problems

We all have problems with our Broadband and Internet from time to time and the reasons and causes are varied. The problem may be as simple as you cannot connect to the internet because of a lack of signal from your supplier or your router has broken. There may be times when you are able to logo on to your account but cant open your email or Facebook and you are getting the message internet explorer cannot display this page.

It may be that you live in Stokesley where they have a regular power outage and this may have caused problems in your router. There could have been an electrical storm putting unusual amounts of static electricity in the air. This can cause all sorts of problems with your broadband router settings.

What ever the cause of your internet problem Ayton Computers can fix it and set up your Broadband router and configure all your setting to access your Internet and get you back on-line.

Internet Security & Staying Safe Online.

With internet security being paramount today with just about every scammer in the world trying to con you out of your hard earned money you can never be too security conscious when it comes to safety on the internet. Weather you do things like internet banking or not if you are connected to the web you are in danger. The more security you have and the more you understand the dangers of these scammer's and con artist the safer you will be.

We can set the security to encrypt your home wireless router so your Internet and network wont get hacked and to prevent unauthorised use of your Internet broadband connection.

Most common Broadband Problems Fixed are.

– Router needs replacing or resetting.

– Filters need replacing

– Wifi problems when the router is too far away or there are thing like white goods interfering with the signal

– Ethernet cables need replacing

– Computer settings need a reset

- Virus - Malware or Spy-ware has got on to the computer or laptop and is stopping the browser opening

New Broadband Router Setup

Ayton Computers can come to your home and set up your new broadband router.

Broadband Setting on PC or Laptop reset

We can reset all your broadband Internet setting on your computer or laptop to get you back on line.

Replacement WIFI card

Sometimes the reason you cannot access the Internet could be your Wifi card in the computer needs replacing.

We can quickly and easily replace you network card so you can be back on the Internet asap.

Virus - Malware or Spyware Removal

Most often the reason you cant get on the internet is that you may have a potentially harmful virus on your computer or laptop.

Ayton computers can remove all viruses, malware and spyware to get you back on the Internet one more

Contact Ayton Computers for a home fix broadband call out service.

Broadband problems fixed, New Router setup

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Fully Qualified Microsoft Computer Engineer

Fully Qualified CompTIA Networking Engineer

As a fully qualified  CompTIA networking Engineer with over 12 years in the IT business means you can be sure your home broadband network is in good hands if you need a repair or just your broadband router setting up.

we can fix most broadband problems pretty quickly.


Broadband Repair & Router Setup Middlesbrough.